Billing and Customer Feedback

Capture guest billing details quickly and feedback so that you can track the feedback about your service, steward and sales info before you go to detailed report.

BookMyT app provide interface to capture the billing info quickly after making the payment by customer/guest. Billing interface easy and quick to use while you still use your own Point Of Sale (POS) system. BookMyT also provide a customization service for integration of your existing Point Of Sale (POS) system.


Customer feedback is a unique requirement for every restaurant. BookMyT comes with simple and easy feedback interface where customer/guest can provide his/her feedback very quickly. This ease the customer and restaurant to make smooth feedback process after successful dining.

BookMyT web admin interface provide restaurant admin to manage floors, tables, loyalty program, promotional offers, billing info and feedback.

BookMyT also offer customization service to integration of existing Point Of Sale (POS) system with BookMyT to integrate with booking, billing details of customers/guests.